Thursday, February 9, 2012

Around here...

It's all a little bit lovely around here lately. Well, that's not entirely true. The moments where I'm not violently ill (damn you tasty nasty food!), cursing the universe, or generally being an obnoxious prat are lovely. Yes. Mostly it's lovely. Sometimes it's not. But I don't think one can hope for better than that.

Weeks of monsoonal rain have given way to bright sunny days with afternoon storms. It's perfectly summery. When not wandering down by the creek I've been embroidering, watching documentaries online and spending time in the kitchen experimenting with food - not always successfully mind you. I'm thinking of doing a course in ceramics so that I can learn a new skill. But it's expensive and as I'm determined to get to Antarctica next year I think I'll have to stick to polymer clay. Never mind. I'm sure that the icebergs will be worth it. 

This week I set myself a challenge to photograph all of the work sitting around my studio that hasn't seen the light of day yet. Strange sculptures and objects, some over 12 months old, that need to be documented. I'm thinking that a big website overhaul is due right about now too. Apart from that it's all about going with the flow, relaxing into the tempo and gliding softy across that rainbow lake called life.

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