Friday, October 5, 2012

Cha cha cha changes...

Wow, life really is a trip huh? I mean one minute you're sitting around bemoaning the direction of your life, but unwilling to take steps to change it. Then, the next minute, you find that you've made some pretty big decisions and you're stuck smack bang in the middle of one of life's big transition periods. Yes, that's where I am right now - in the centre of change - an inbetween space - a funny, awkward and uncomfortable place, but one that I don't begrudge at all.

I'm a procrastinator of the extreme variety. I am also incredibly spontaneous and unpredictable. I will ponder doing something for a very long time and then make a split second decision that goes completely against the direction I'd been leaning towards in my ponderings. All this is to say that last week we sold our house and bought another - a very big, solid kind of house - the kind you find yourself living in for many, many years. We had been thinking about moving for ages as our house is bursting at the seams - it's teeny weeny! However, every time we contemplated it we ended up saying that we'd rather travel than pay off a larger mortgage. Problem was that we never seemed to find the time to travel (my partner is a workaholic). So in being realistic and grown-up (and stuff) we decided to set up a large, permanent base for ourselves - a place in which we can stretch out and live with wide open arms. 

Our new home (well, the home that we're under contract to buy!) is a bit of a dream to me. It's large, airy, and private. It sits on top of a hill and has a large deck that looks out over the mountains. It also has a pool! Oh my! I can't wait until we move in! So yes, I'm a happy camper.

Anyway, seeing as though we're moving out in 6 weeks or so I've kind of given up on the housework and garden and have been dedicating my time to playing with paint and paper. This is what I've been doing *all* week. Non stop. Actually, it's terrible, as I've barely moved my body except to lean over and pick up scissors or a glue stick. But you know, at least I've been productive. I started this concertina, collaged artist book and finished a couple of paintings.

This book is a moleskine accordian sketch-book which is constructed of beautiful quality, heavy-weight paper. Moleskines are the only sketchbook I will use - I've never found anything of better quality and size. They're just perfect! So, I've just made these collages out of old national geographic images. They're strange and surreal, kind of funny too. I'm uncertain as to whether I should go wild in the background (I'm thinking YES!) or leave it plain. I always battle between doing too little or too much. Although sometimes I think that there is no such thing as too much. Really. Is there? Unless it's something bad of course. That's it, you really can't have too much of a good thing. In fact it's kind of an oxymoron to say that one can have too much of a good thing. Think about it. I guess the questions is whether full on visual stimulation is a good thing or not? I don't know...if I do it and it looks shit then I guess I've learnt something. We need to be brave soldiers in this battle called life (and art for that matter). Yes, yes, there is plenty of room on these pages for 'more'. So, stay tuned I guess.

And here are a couple of drawings/paintings I've been doing. I'm quite partial to this polar bear, but I think the flowers are quite whack and not something I ever really thought I would create. Still, they kind of came from a pure place of no expectation. I like that. I like it when I surprise myself. Even when the results are spectacularly bad. Actually, even though I know this work is bad, I still kind of enjoy it. It's odd and happy - exactly how I want my life to be. :)

A few discoveries:
  • Drugs - by Bryan Lewis Saunders. The artist draws a self portrait whenever he experiences a different drug. The results are really quite fascinating. Discovered through chasejarvis blog.
  • Theresa Sapergia - drawings.
  • Polixeni Papapetrou - amazingly haunting, uncanny and surreal photographs.


  1. I Kind of leave the good art, bad art thing away from me. As I find joy or bewildering it all feeds my soul. Love your moleskine collage work!

    I wish you so much luck and inspiration in your house on the hill! And many midnight moonlight swims in your pool. Imagine drawing down the moon there :)

    1. I think leaving the good/bad thing behind is the best way to go! Thank you...I'm so looking forward to it! ;)