Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picture in a frame...

It's a windy old overcast day in Brisbane today. After a few days of record heat and high humidity we have been given a reprieve. Outside my window a leopard tree sways in the violent wind, under a dreary grey sky. I've been locked inside, looking at a pile of empty boxes and shelves full of stuff that needs to go inside said boxes. Motivation for packing is lacking (poetry!). There's so much to do!

Anyway, I really came to say that I've launched my little photography business online. Below is a link to my website. Please go and check it out and share it around:

I also have a FACEBOOK PAGE set up. So please come along and hit the 'LIKE' button. I'd be ever so grateful!

I've been spending a lot of time in a fantasy world lately, occupying my mind with whimsy and drifting into flights of fancy. It helps me cope with the chaos that is around me right now. I wish we lived in a place that celebrates Halloween - I think that it would satisfy my passion for dress-ups very nicely. Alas, we are Halloween free, but I thought that I should dress up anyway. A dress-up a day is the best way to play. I justify my stupidity by referencing artists such as Cindy Sherman, but truth is I just like to see the other people I can be with nothing more than an accessory change! Here I'm channelling Elton John, circa 1970's, or Dame Edna perhaps...

And a little Tom Waits to match the post title...


  1. I was so glad when it cooled down today. If it kept up with the heat I was going to lose it ... assuming I could rally the energy to.

    1. Yeah, the last few days have been quite lovely! I'm happy for the heat to return when I'm moved and have a pool!