Monday, November 26, 2012

Out with the old, In with the new...

I'm baaaacckkk!!!! Well, what a massive couple of weeks it has been! Packing, moving, unpacking, party planning, working, catching up with family and's been all go go go! I'm now settled into our new digs and I couldn't be happier. I love my new home!

So, one of my proposals got accepted for a show in February down in Launceston. Did you hear that right? February! Waaaahhh! Arghhh! Well, actually, I shouldn't freak out as I have plenty of work made, however I wasn't expecting to have to be organised quite so soon.  Consequently I've been throwing myself into studio tasks, digging through works I have made, researching, and planning a few new works. As you can see above, I've been pulling out inspiration from my collection of art books. On the left is Sequins and Sequence by Kat Macleod, and on the right is a spread from Observable Universe by Unchalee Anantawat. Obviously I love me some colour! The works in this show will cross a variety of mediums - collage, digital collage, sculpture, sewing, painting, artist books, installation, etc. It's quite a frenetic and energetic body of work. Pulling it all together is proving a challenge, but there is still some time to deliberate on it all.

But back to the new home - it is a real blesssing. There is space galore and it feels so wonderful to be able to spread out. There is a place for everything and that's a real treat for me after having crammed all our possessions into our delightful little mouse house. I guess this place is the elephant house, or whale house or something, because it's in complete contrast to our last home. We're on top of a hill and get lots of winged visitors like this kookaburra (below), and butcher birds, herons, lorikeets, king parrots. The view is so pretty and there's a constant breeze that flows through the house. I've been swimming in the pool every day since we moved in (except for the stormy weekends) and I'm starting to feel fit and strong. I love that the kitchen is smack bang in the centre of the house, and it is huge! Whenever people come over they tend to congregate at the kitchen bench as I prepare cups of tea, glasses of wine or tapas. 

There's still a lot to do, like fill the pool room with a pool table, and set up the photography studio. But it's all coming together quite nicely, and I'm taking my time simply because there is time to be had. On that note, I think I'm gonna go for that daily swim, then hit the studio again and see what magic I can conjure...

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  1. Perfect! Strong girls are the best!- Pippi Longstocking.