Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello world!

Hi! *waves* Remember me? I'm the jolly old owner of this poor neglected blog. It's been far too long hasn't it? See, the thing is I got swept away with the silly season - partying, planning, feasting, drinking, recovering from drinking and partying, hosting friends and family, etc. etc. It just didn't stop! I hope to find my regular blogging routine again and fill this virtual space with much creative fodder. I've got some fun things happening this year starting with a collaboration with an artist friend to be shown at our little gallery space in the city. Then I'm heading to Tasmania for a show at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston (I'll be organising the work for that over the coming weeks), and finally I have an exhibition of works on paper planned for April. It's gonna be all 'go go go around here from now on! Waaahh! It's only January 2nd and I already feel like time is slipping away from me. I must admit that it's nice to be busy and focussed on art-making again. 

Here are some pictures of the new studio set-up. I've set up my studio in our living/rumpus room so that I can be in the midst of things while I work. I learnt from my last studio that I don't like being squirrelled away in a small room while I'm working - I'd much rather be in a large, airy, open space. It's perfect! This space makes me so happy and content to flitter away hours engaged in making. Look at the lovely little rainbows that my crystals throw around the room in the late afternoon:

Nice huh? I've been marvelling over light and its properties for weeks now - it's my new thing. Rainbows are uber cool and I really dig them. Crystals are just rad. How profound. 

See that list below? I conquered it today. That last point, 'Blog Posts' is in the works as I write! It's 11.16pm and when I finish this post I will have crossed every last item off my list of things to do this week. Hooray! It's only Wednesday and I feel pretty awesome about that. One of my new year's goals is to write more lists and actually cross things off them. The older I get the vaguer I'm becoming, it's embarrassing actually, so lists are kind of essential.

Also, for your visual pleasure, I found this cool goldfish wrapping paper in the State Library bookstore the other day. I cut out every single last one of those little fishies just because I love to cut things out of paper - I find it cathartic. Tomorrow I will use them in an artist book I've been working on. Pictures to come later this week...

For my own personal reference, Psychedelia in contemporary culture links:


  1. Great place, lots of luck and inspiration to you this year!
    I'm making shroom stamps, love the work on that.
    Making art to me has a lot to do with tactile feelings and meditative repeating work.It's so grounding and sweet on the soul. Rainbows are pure magic to me.

  2. Lovely photos - wishing you all the best for 2013
    Please check out my blog and enter my competition.

    Amanda xo