Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome to my kingdom...

Still running full steam ahead! The sticky glue-fingered part is over and I'm in the performance zone. Attempting to capture the possible relations between the objects I've made and the body. It's a playful and silly practice. But you must take it seriously! I haven't photographed myself in this way for a long time. I don't really like it. But it's not about me is it? At least, that's what I keep on telling myself. Somewhere deep down I know that is completely untrue! ;) Today = making sense of my tragically messy studio, and more photography/editing.


  1. I had a picture in my head what your place must look like and what you were creating with the pompoms and I laughed out loud. What fun you must be having. Now I see these photos and I think yup, when I grow up I want to be Shell!

    Have a wonderful show!

  2. You give your objects another layer.
    It's perfect! You are awesome!

    Happy show time to you!