Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cut + Paste

It's all about paper around here at the moment as I prepare for my next exhibition in April. I'm showing works on paper, and works made with paper - works that I wouldn't usually have the opportunity to exhibit but which inform my practice as strongly as the 'big' stuff. These are small scale works, quiet in many ways, but they still explore my interests in the otherworldly and the absurd. The vast majority of works in this exhibition will be collages. Originally I planned to show drawings and watercolours but in trying to pull together a cohesive body of work they got pushed aside.

I've been revisiting works that I started many years ago, adding to them and trying to push them in new directions. If someone asked me how long it took to complete some of these works, and I responded honestly with '4 years', I doubt they would believe me. I now understand what my university lecturers meant when they spoke about 'process'. It really is everything. I'm amazed at how patient I have become in the studio, how methodical, thoughtful and contemplative. I can, and do, spend hours and days deliberating over the selection of works I would like to show and how I want to show them. I have become picky, finicky and very deliberate. Less is more. Until it isn't. And this is where I am at right now. Needing to take a risk with many pieces and being tentative about it. Time to be brave. It's OK, I have courage in abundance, it's just a matter of digging down deep enough to find it!

Working on the pieces for this show has been a delight. I have the luxury of time and it's wonderful to spend so many hours engaged in making without distraction. My phone has been playing up since I returned from holidays so I've abandoned it and I tell you, life is so much more pleasant without it. I've been curbing my internet time to an hour a day (more when I'm writing applications - you need to mix it up when engaged in such drudgery! ;) ), and spending time outside so that I don't become one of those crazy, pale, bug-eyed, cave-dwelling types. It's good. Simplicity and a loose routine makes for productivity...I hope it continues! I'll just keep squirrelling away for the next couple of weeks until time demands that I stop and take stock of what I've done. 

Oh, and look at what arrived in the mail invites! An awful lot of them too. Geebus! I have no idea how I'm going to get rid of them all. Should you want one email me your address and I'll pop one in the post for you when I do my mail out next week. Don't be shy! There's plenty to go 'round. They'll match your fridge too. :)

Bye bye.

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  1. Okay, Shell, I won't be shy! Fabulous looking.
    I hope you'll post all sorts of photos of your work at the show. I wish I could be there to see it in real. Have a great Easter weekend. xo